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asking Ricardo...

Av vrsrugby Ricardo.Rodriguez@vrg.se - 4 februari 2013 10:00

Hi Ric, it's me A... again, I am getting worser and worser and rugby passing now that I haven't practised for a while. Can you please help? 

Hi A...!

There are five components of a good pass

1.   Foot location (forward foot opposite direction of the pass – forces the hips to be aligned towards the support player)

2.   Eye contact (eye contact provide a critical means of non-verbal communication, and precisely locates your teammate)

3.   Upper body movement (much of the power of a pass is the result of the rotation of the torso)

4   Ball position (ball should be held with both hands and brought across the front of the body.  It should be almost perpendicular to the ground with a slight inclination towards your support)

5.   Ball movement (use the rear hand to propel the ball and forward hand to secure the ball)

Unstated is that a good pass has to actually be placed where your teammate can catch it.

For most positions in most circumstances, the standard “push” pass is the best option.  A push pass is where the ball is brought across the front of the body with the rear hand providing the force and the forward hand supporting the ball.  What follows is specifically  for a spin pass, but many of the techniques and body position requirements are also applicable to a push pass.

The purpose of a “spin” pass is to make passes that must go a long distance quickly.

The primary difference between the spin pass and the push pass is that the ball does a controlled roll off the hand and twist of the wrist.  It is the rolling/twisting action from the rear hand that gives the ball its spin.  Many American rugby players have a significant problem switching from the football two handed lateral to the spin pass.

The skill for a spin pass is fairly simple to learn, but takes practice.

-First, you need to learn to control the roll.  Hold your arm with forearm parallel to the ground.  With the ball in your hand (centerline of the ball perpendicular to the centerline of your hand), curl your fingers, hand, and wrist around the ball to the extent possible.  Lower your forearm and simultaneously uncurl your hand and allow the ball to roll from your hand.  While it is not natural, focus on keeping your hand inline with your forearm.

-Second, you need to learn to control the roll and propelling the ball at the same time.  The following action is similar to bowling or a softball underhanded pitch.  With the ball curled in your hand like above, but your arm now hanging, swing your arms forward and make an underhanded pass.  Using a target, focus on the roll of the ball at the same time the hand is moving.  You will discover with practice that you will have more accuracy when your uncurled fingers are pointing to the target.

-Essentially, you now have a vertical spin pass that is off minimal utility.  Now you take the skills above to make the pass horizontal.  There are several modifications to positioning from above.  Hold the ball with your throwing hand perpendicular to the ground with the forearm parallel to the ground.  Instead of placing the centerline hand on the centerline of the ball, merely ensure that the entire hand is on the lower half of the ball.  Initially your palms will be in contact with the ball; however, over time you will discover more control using only your fingers on the ball.  Keeping the forearm relatively parallel to the ground and holding the ball perpendicular to the ground in one hand, cock the pushing hand back.  Now flick your hand forward, uncurling your hand as it goes forward.  The ball will naturally roll off your with a spin.  Practice will give you accuracy and speed.

Good luck,

Ricardo R.

Deane S.


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it was a fantastic finish after Rugby days to decide with a touch-match! all did there best to solve various Rugby situations in sport, well done guys! Again we had the weather with us and you had all the energy in each attack or defenses situation...

Today we test, tag-rugby. touch, kick, drop kick, tackling drill so well done! Tomorrow, unfortunately, is the last day of instruction and rugby, we will use the entire session to play and I want you to use all these "rugby-keys" you received from us...

thanks so much for a great workout! we were lucky with the weather too, right? working with touch-exercises with depth probably help to be able to use us tomorrow or for you who determines you to go to Gothenburg with Exiles!     please cli...

what a great workout today! it seems like you are having fun! I think it works very well even though it was quite hot, so I would like to remind you of the bottle of water. Tomorrow Tuesday we will continue with:  challenge of tackle exerc...



are you going to be at Årstafältet this Saturday and see Exiles live against Hammarby?

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