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Hallå där RUGGERS! aroff!

hoppas ni njuter att det fina vädret och ser framför Er fina rugby pass nästa vecka!

i morgon lördag spelas bland annat ett av DERBYn i STOCKHOLM mellan

Hammarby RFC mot Attila RG!

plats: Årsta fältet*

tid: 14.00Hrs


1. Måndags lunch vecka 20 kl.11.30

2. Officiella Lagbilder med vår nya skoltröja!

3. Allmän info +++

 mvh: ricardo  ;-)

 *hur tar man sig dit?


se även...

Dam EM i rugby i Sverige!



Vad är det som gör att våra spelare inom VRS RUGBY TEAM är så effektiva?

Det viktigaste är, att på VRS RUGBY TEAM är du mittpunkten för uppmärksamhet. Det som ligger i vårt intresse är, att tillgodose dina RUGBY intressen och krav.

Du kommer till oss för att lära dig RUGBY och det kommer du också att få göra hela elevens val vecka! Lärarnas entusiasm och övningsorienterade pass försäkrar att du kommer omedelbart att dras in i rugby kulturen. Tro mig, detta är det bästa och snabbaste sättet för dig att lära dig RUGBY.

 Vi ses på måndag! 

Ricardo Rodriguez
Rugby ansvarig VRS RUGBY TEAM


Torsdags Pass!

nu på torsdag samlas vi för att arbeta bland annat med fysiken inför en mycket tufft vecka [18] som blir e-val!

tid: 16.10 - 17.30

plats: nedre hall i skolan

ansvarig: Mr J. Kärnström

Obs! OM du inte kan närvara MÅSTE du meddela det senast onsdag kväll via e-post!

Välkomna! hälsar J.Kärnström

läs även...

Volunteering Vacancies...

e-Val vecka 18*

Copyright 2008 - 2009 VRS RUGBY* 


are delighted to announce the appointment of 7A Nyström Henrik as captain of the VRS Rugby squad for the coming week [17].

Monday Dresscode...

Our Captain who will arrange our RUGBY LUNCH at school and we willl have a "white shirt to our monday lunch"

We need more suggestions about our rugby lunch [design and colours] until thursday.

greetings from Jonas & Ricardo ;-)

for more info visit our WebBlog

What a great pass we have yesterday eve!

The best of all was when we toke good care of the new players in tackle support att the Grim Park.

The weather was perfect for play rugby and we have a great fun togheter until 17.35Hrs

We play the simple way but effective game of continuous pick-up and drive- and I really do mean continuous.

Scrumhalf will pick up from the base of a ruck/maul and feed a forward on the edge; at low body angle he will drive forward as far as he can.

He drives in close to the ruck, straight.

Inevitably, he is brought to, or goes to ground; his close supporters clean out rucking over the ball, leaving it sheer and clear for the scrummy, who once more feeds, close to the ruck, another forward who drives low, forward and to ground.

It is against this blunderbuss of inevitability that you employ a two-on-one defence in an effort to stop its forward movement, slow it down at least, and cut it off from its support - most important for then it is castrated and cannot breed.

The red players dominated the opening period with tries from the open line and they gived long penalty.

We arrived without our skipper and our forwards play today, then our lock's leadership and dynamism was sorely missed.

Our fly-half MT missed an early penalty chance that was simple by the backs captain's standards.

But the home side were soon ahead through "little man", as the record try scorer added another to bring his all-time tally to 30 points.

  P missed his first penalty attempt to try and get his team on the score-sheet, then spurned a second chance as the team opted to go for an attacking line that was repulsed.

Although the backs line-out was not firing on all cylinders, their support play certainly was and the number eight had to suffer the indignity of being shoved off their own ball.


However, C f was having more of a struggle with his place kicks in a tricky wind and a second chance also went wide.

A fine backs move then earned a try, although the final pass from C to Little man.

Despite being a few man down, we conjured a decisive pass with many tries as they kept faith with their running game.

Outstanding all many times, found a gap out on the left to send wing Gurra away, with lock Henrik appearing in support to send Ragnar over with a skilful round-the-corner pass.

ps: Ta for the messages and telephone sms! I'm looking forward to "elevens val" week! We'll play many matches and test

geetings from the coach ;-)

As VIKTOR RYDBERGS's SAMSKOLAN rugby team launch a new kit for the 2009 Season, we look forward at the evolution of the shirt [perhaps under 2010!]

almost there...

we'll have an official presentation of our VIKTOR RYDBERGS's SAMSKOLAN RUGBY TEAM with the official picture.

WE THANK OUR SPONSOR's for all your support! WE NEED ALL the SUPPORT WE CAN GET! ;-)

Greetings from the coach & Jonas

Here is the list of Our Sponsors. If you wish to contribute to the development of VRS RUGBY please contact J.K or R.R


We Thanks Our Sponsors sincerily for all the support!


vår andra del med support vid fasta situationer fungerade under andra halvlek av matchen vilket tyder på att vi måste fortsätta arbeta med detta ytterligare några ggr...

jag är mkt nöjd med dagens pass alla jobar på bra men ibland tappar vi lätt fokus...

1. använd rätt fokus-energi att lyfta upp dit lag

2. ge full support i alla fasta situationer

3. när bollen lämnar ruck [det vill säga innan bollen distribueras] måste du placera dig rätt och hjälpa alla andra att göra detta med

4. när bollen administreras till backlinje måste ni visa händerna där bollen skall har inte råd eller energi att springa tillbaka e f t e r en bättre passning

5. konstruktiv kritik ALLTID

6. glöm inte trots allt att ALLA spelar i samma lag ;-)

vi ses efter påsloven...första tordag v 16 då tränar vi U T O M H U S om vi har tur med vädret!


 greetings from the coach.



are you going to be at Årstafältet this Saturday and see Exiles live against Hammarby?

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